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I'm a comic artist and writer from Russia. I am creating my original story called dreamDB.

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    Commission terms.
    It's a lengthy list but you must read it.

    Sorry for the empty screen. I am currently building a new price list, so I deleted all old listings for now.

    I will most likely list my new prices on DeviantArt (list accessible via Eclipse) and Ko-Fi. Check out the links, I may have already done so.

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    #### TERMS ####

    I. General

    1. Themes
    I will not draw: anthro/furries (sorry, I can't), hyper-realistic art, mecha, cars, any complicated mechanisms, cities, anime, detailed anatomy, complicated backgrounds, naked peens, boobs and asses, sexual activities.

    I can draw: Portraits, square icons, any characters in my own style, minimalist comic style. LGBTQA+ content. Mildly suggestive content is ok. OCs and fanart are ok.

    You can and should ask before ordering a commission to make sure if I'm ok with your idea. I may reject your commission if it makes me uncomfortable.

    2. Communication:
    You can send an email to hawfenric at gmail dot com, send a twitter DM @ajcrwl, or pm me on deviantart, tumblr. You must provide references or point me to a source with sufficient amount of such. You also must notify me if you'd like this work to remain private.

    3. Slots and time
    There is no limit on slots available. I will give you an estimate when we discuss the details. I'll also notify you when I start working. I may choose to draw it live on Twitch or post progress pics online, unless you request a private commission.

    4. Delivery
    Finished work will be sent to you via the same communication method we used to discuss the details. Afterwards it will be posted in all my galleries and social media to promote my commission services, unless you specifically request that it remains private.

    If you're ordering a physical copy of a traditional art commission, you should know that originals will be sent asap, but I live in Russia so please give your letter at least 2 weeks to arrive. You will receive a photo in DMs as soon as it's finished, and it will be posted online just like digital art.

    5. Payment:
    You can pay with Ko-Fi, DeviantArt points, or via PayPal invoice.

    6. Refunds:
    Refund is possible if ALL of these conditions are met:
    + We've discussed your commission idea over the e-mail or in DMs, and you provided me with references (see rule #2)
    + I haven't started drawing it yet

    II. Ko-Fi specific terms

    7. Donation message
    Ko-Fi has both public and private messages. Feel free to make your donation private. You must attach some contact reference outside of Ko-Fi in your message, for instance, your twitter username, so I would know who to tag and where to deliver the final work to you.

    8. Ko-Fi Refunds
    Ko-Fi requests are considered non-refundable like a regular donation if you don't send me any refs or contact info within 3 days after tipping!

    II. Conclusion
    These are the terms. You've been informed. They may change over time. By buying me a coffee and ordering a commission from me you agree to comply with these terms. If you can't read or understand any of this, please do not order a commission.

    These terms have been updated on March 19, 2020.

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