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I'm a comic artist and writer from Russia. I am creating my original story called dreamDB.

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    Inktober Ko-Fi Special

    This offer lasts only until October 30!

    Buy me two coffees on Ko-Fi and I will draw you something in ink. I'll publish the pictures online (twitter, insta, deviantart, tumblr).

    Three coffees and I'll send you the final drawing over the post. You need to send me postal details in an email. I don't care who receives it, but it has to be a valid address and a name.


    I will not draw: porn, anthro/furries (sorry, I can't), animals, hyper-realistic art, mecha, cars, any complicated mechanisms, plants, cities, etc. Some due to lack of skill, others due to Inktober time constraints. If you want some of that from me, consider ordering a regular commission.

    Commission details are better sent over the email. Your email must match the one with which you sent your donation. My email for communication is hawfenric@gmail.com.

    Message that you write with you Ko-fi will be displayed on dreamdb.com and visitors will see it under my comics! So if you wish you can write a support message (and send your commission details over the email instead).

    Please, specify what you order in your message or your email. If you buy me 4 coffes and want only one drawing and the rest is a tip - make it obvious, please.

    I will wait for three days for a follow up message or an email with commission details. If none arrives or October ends, Ko-fi's bought without the message attached or no follow up email are considered a regular donation.

    There are as many free slots available as many days are left until October 31. One picture per slot. You can order multiple.

    Commissioned drawings will be finished sometime within October-early November. Originals will be sent asap, but I live in Russia so pls give your letter at least 2 weeks to arrive.

    Refund is possible if these conditions are met: you've sent commission info with your donation or by email + I haven't started drawing it yet + October hasn't ended yet. OTHERWISE ALL DONATIONS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

    Yes, these are the terms. You've been informed. By buying me a coffee and ordering a commission from me you agree to comply with these terms. If you can't read or understand any of this, please do not order a commission.

    Thank you for reading. Below are my usual prices and terms.

    all-year Price list

    Commissions can be paid with PayPal, either via invoice or with Ko-fi.

    Either way you need to write me an e-mail to hawfenric@gmail.com with the description of what you want me to draw and reference pictures attached.

    My latest price list is on the pictures above. It covers digital art in the form of sketches, portraits, illustrations and animation. You can find the same info on Tumblr in this post.

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