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digital and traditional artist, writer, webcomic maker, dabbler in code

email: hawfenric@gmail.com

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I'm a comic artist and writer from Russia. I am creating my original story called dreamDB.

I'm this old:

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    Digital art & animation

    Commissions can be paid with PayPal, either via invoice or with Ko-fi. See terms below.

    Same price on Tumblr.

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    Traditional art (ink)
    Ko-Fi special

    Buy me two coffees on Ko-Fi and I will draw you something in ink. You get a digital copy of the drawing. I will post it in my galleries and socials, I can send you the hi-res photo too.

    Three coffees and I'll send you the original physical drawing in an envelope over the post.
    You need to send me your postal details in an email. I don't care if it's your grandma's name or the devil's home address, just make sure you'll be able to pick it up.
    Digital versions will be posted online.

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    #### TERMS ####

    I. General

    1. Themes
    I will not draw: porn, anthro/furries (sorry, I can't), hyper-realistic art, mecha, cars, any complicated mechanisms, cities, etc. I mostly focus on human(oid) characters. You can and should ask before ordering a commission to make sure if I'm ok with your idea.

    2. Communication:
    Commission details are better sent over the email. My email for communication is hawfenric@gmail.com.
    I will not e-mail you first by myself.

    It's ok to DM me on twitter/etc too (pretty much everywhere except for instagram because I don't have the app). I'd prefer discussing everything in detail before payment to avoid misunderstandings.

    3. Slots & time
    There is no limit on slots available. I will give you an estimate when the work will be finished. I'll also notify you when I start working on it.

    If you order the physical copy of an ink drawing, you should know that originals will be sent asap, but I live in Russia so please give your letter at least 2 weeks to arrive.

    4. Payment:
    I'd prefer to send you a PayPal invoice to your e-mail, but to simplify things you can also pay with Ko-Fi (it's PayPal too). Ko-Fi prices are slightly higher for digital art due to 1 coffee = $3.

    5. Refunds:
    Refund is possible if ALL of these conditions are met:
    + We've discussed your commission idea over the e-mail or in DMs (see rule #2)
    + I haven't started drawing it yet
    + You need to send me an e-mail from the same address you used to send your payment (both Paypal invoice and Ko-Fi payments show and e-mail, so I will know).

    II. Ko-Fi specific terms

    7. Donation message
    Message that you write with your donation will be displayed on dreamdb.com and visitors will see it under my comics! So if you wish you can write a support message (and send your commission details over the email instead). Private messages will not be published. You can also use it to make a short commission request, if you're not picky. I'll start drawing it after 3 days (see rule #9).

    8. Number of coffees
    1 coffee = $3
    In cases where the price for digital art is not equal to what you can donate on Ko-Fi, I will count the number like so:
    Price of a drawing divided by $3 and rounded up to the nearest number.
    E.g. $25/$3 = 8.3 is closer 8. OR $20/$3 = 6.6 is roughly 7. Sadly, I can't do anything about the $3 because I don't have Ko-Fi GOLD which allows custom amounts :(

    Please, specify what you order in your message or your email. If you buy me 4 coffes and want only one ink drawing (costs 2) and the rest is a tip - make it obvious, please. This goes back to rule #2 really.

    9. Ko-Fi Refunds
    Ko-Fi requests are considered non-refundable like a regular donation if you don't send me an e-mail or a DM with commission details before or within 3 days after buying a coffee!
    See rule #2 and #5.

    After 3 days, if your Ko-Fi message contained some drawing request and no additional communication happened, I will draw it, but you can't ask for changes or a refund.

    10. Conclusion
    These are the terms. You've been informed. They may change over time. By buying me a coffee and ordering a commission from me you agree to comply with these terms. If you can't read or understand any of this, please do not order a commission.

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